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Real Estate Development.
Nothing Less.


Oliizoi assists people and communities designing and building regenerative, biomimetic, resilient and autonomous homes, retreats, villages, and cities.

Oliizoi also designs and builds its own innovative, regenerative, and biomimetic development projects.

Our Services

Holistic Business Plan Design

Transferring your vision from an idea in your mind to pen and paper is the first critical step in turning those ideas into reality. That's why we work with clients as early as the ideation stage, helping them craft a story that is not only inspiring, but also believable and backable.

We'll work with the visionaries of your team, even if you're a team of one, to prepare a presentation deck, budgets and other financial planning tools, executive summaries, an overall business model concept, and any other items required to help you win over customers and investors alike.

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community frameworking

Regenerative Community  Frameworking

Let's be honest. Building a home, school, or a road is the easy part when it comes to community development. Creating, and implementing, the underlying frameworks needed to ensure a community thrives once it is built is likely the most important and complex set of tasks you will undertake.


We'll be with you every step of the way to develop the social, trade, finance, and governance frameworks needed to make your community a thriving, livable, and equitable space. We've partnered with talented, knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate organizations from around the world to make sure community frameworking is completed through a diverse set of principles, tools, hearts and minds.

Design Concept & Vision Plan

Planet-first, nature-informed, biomimetic, & regenerative. There are many words to describe Oliizoi's processes and principles but it all starts by observing and listening to the land and what it desires from our presence upon it.


Oliizoi's team of biomimetic architects and engineers will work seamlessly with your vision, each other, and the land, to craft considerate, conscious, resilient, and beautiful architectural design and engineering plans to help breathe life into your vision.

This phase of planning includes the creation of a Living Story (resilience mapping, and asset, threat and opportunities assessment within the socio-ecological system of the land), various reviews, site visits, ecological analysis, and phase studies.

real estate transaction management

Real Estate Transaction Management

Whether it be for your dream family home, a luxury yoga retreat, or an entire village, finding the right piece of land is equally as important as what you want to build upon the land. 

Whether you already have your heart set on a particular piece of land, or you'd like us to tap into our network to find your dream parcel, our real estate team will not only help you secure the land, we'll help to make sure it's aligned with your vision. Oliizoi will organize, lead and monitor the real estate transaction from start until closing, communicating with all parties involved, filing required documentation, and resolving any issues that arise along the way.

Biomimetic Design Development

We are all students, and Nature is our greatest teacher. At Oliizoi, we take every opportunity to incorporate the needs, and leverage the intelligence, of nature. 

This phase marks Oliizoi's crowning achievement. In our Biomimetic Design Development processes we include deep due diligence, biomimetic site plan design, impact assessments, permits, and regulatory agency interface. We make a profound connection with the natural world, ensuring your project's adoption and resilience for the benefit of all. We embrace nature's intelligence as we harmoniously align your vision with the planet, leaving a legacy that celebrates regenerative living and transforms real estate development, setting new standards for planetary and human well-being.

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construction landscaping design

Construction & Landscaping

Oliizoi's team of built-world experts, along with our network of international partners, have lifetimes of collective experience in building everything from single-family homes to complete communities. 

From project and contractor management, to legal support and construction management, we'll work alongside your team, local partners and governments, and the land herself, to ensure your vision and project are treated with the love and respect they deserve. But we won't stop there.

While our approach in designing projects prioritizes the sacredness of the land, that perspective and practice is also present in our construction methods. Oliizoi endeavors to tread lightly upon the land we work, always leaving the land better off than we found it. We remind ourselves often that we are here on planet Earth as her stewards and we're on a mission to help make humans a keystone species again. 

Let's start building a better world, together.

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